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Our goal is to streamline fuel supply with our encrypted IT knowledge base & availability of verified legitimate supplies, storage & buyers.

Reducing risk in the value chain, from LOI to final closure. Human capital being our strongest attribute, we strive for ethical, legitimate system solutions, limiting financial risk & maximizing returns on an ongoing basis.

Our ethos is based on long term relationships.


Our energy sector happened by pure serendipity – aligning of two different technologies to offer clients across the globe with renewable energy either through Pyrolysis or Close Loop Vertical Hydro Towers (CVLHT) which can be viewed under the Renewable Energy tab. Both these systems are patented & we hold the license for both these products for the African continent.

Both systems are scalable & cost effective, being environmentally friendly. It is the obvious choice to create affordable electricity & decrease the waste footprint on the planet.

Waste plastic & rubber being the scourge of our planet, our patented system can create high grade fuel from both these waste products with negligible release of greenhouse gasses.

Our investment arm is currently under development & will be launched soon with a multidisciplinary approach to various investment platforms.

We are the obvious choice for your company to partner with.


Aristocracy Global Energy Corporation was established when three individual companies where involved in a transaction and the synergies between the companies and the owners was just to strong to ignore. John Goldring from the USA and Charles Van Zyl and Buddy Ford from South Africa had a serendipitous meeting of minds, with their combined experience in management, sourcing of petroleum products, finance, mining and information technology, it was decided to form one company to drive the joint vision and ideals of the three founders.



With 32 Years of experience in the Property Management and Construction Industry with specific experience in the following fields

  • Shopping Centres
  • Fuel Service Stations
  • Low- and High-end Housing Developments
  • High Density Developments
  • Which includes Project Management on installation of bulk and link services as well as internal reticulation and servicing.
  • Hotels and conferencing, from construction phase right through to operative business
  • Qualified Auctioneer
  • Valuations
  • Commodity trading
  • Consultation and troubleshooting for various companies and farmers, more specifically on land management and potential, speciality crops, hydroponics and renewable energy


After military service where he served as a navigator and carried the rank of lieutenant, he joined 3M South Africa as an inventory controller and moved to Siemens South Africa in 1982. Started as an inventory controller and eventually became the warehouse manager.

During 1989 made a career change to information technology and became one of the first developers on the SAP R/3 client tier system. Was responsible for the rollout of the system in five of the Siemens divisions.

In 1992 he was head hunted by Ernst & Young and was appointed as a senior manager and serviced Transnet and Standard Bank as external clients. In 1993 he was transferred to Ernst & Young LLP in the United states. He was initially responsible for several clients across the USA and was also the fulltime project manager for the Oklahoma Gas and Electrical SAP implementation which extended into a second phase implementing the Customer Care module.

Thereafter he joined The Ink Group as Vice President of Operations and simultaneously took the position of Program Manager for New York Power Authority multi-million-dollar project.

In 1998 he formed my own company Strategic Strategies LLP. Employed several consultants and secured contracts with IBM and SIEMENS worldwide.

Returned to South Africa in 2001 and started with Comparex / Business Connections. Was responsible to service Barlow World South Africa, Standard Bank, Denel Aviation and the Government of Namibia.

Due to severe illness 2001 again started his own business in petroleum after in depth study of the petroleum industry. He initially focused on the South African market but in 2018 decided to only concentrate and do business internationally.


A highly driven, performance-focused leader and Entrepreneur with acute business acumen in the Solar, Oil and Petroleum, Real Estate and Automotive industries.

As the CEO of Global Power Solutions, John has led the team that has developed over 15000 MWs of solar energy for both residential and commercial properties.

He launched one the first African American Energy Construction Company’s in the US that was responsible for the construction of many inner-city communities’ solar initiatives.

Prior to joining the clean energy initiative, he was a performance-focused leader with 27 years of experience in operations and executive management for Mercedes Benz, BMW and Porsche auto manufactures.

John is a US Army Military Intelligence Veteran who served his country in Desert Shield.

General Business Information

Business Name: Aristocracy Global Energy Corporation Ltd

Number of incorporation: 104028

Corporate Office: Trust Company Complex, Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro, Marshall Islands MH 96960.

Website Address:

Contact Person: David Ford

Phone Number: +27 83 282 6359

Company Status: Active

Business Details

  • Main Areas of Activities of Business:
    • Refined Crude Products
    • Renewable Energy
    • Asset Management
    • Property development
    • Mining
    • FMCGs
    • Food Security and Nutraceuticals
  • Main Products
  1. All Refined Crude Products (Specializing in)JET A1
  4. D2 DIESEL
  5. EN590
  • Main Services: Solutions driven to maximize clients return
  • Principal Customer Industries and Geographies, GLOBAL
    • Refined Crude
    • Renewable Energy
    • Acid Management
    • Property development
    • Mining
    • FMCGs