We are a multifaceted Fuel, Energy and Investment Company

GENERAL NOTICE BY SHAREHOLDERS AND DIRECTORS of AGEC (Aristocracy Global Energy Corporation) and AGE Holdings Limited 08/08/2020

It has come to our attention that LOI’s, LOA’s and PO’s purporting to originate from our 2 corporate entities have been submitted without our consent or support by brokers purporting to be seller’s direct mandates. All Documentation that does not originate from one of our official emails ending with argloen.com, should be seen as unofficial and fraudulent. Brokers have done multiple submissions to 3M, and/or all its relevant affiliates and distributors without our consent and should be seen as duplication. Our company’s names have been tarnished due to brokers attempting to usurp their introductory authority.

This is a Fraudulent document anyone forwarding this document will be doing doing so at there own risk. This Document is not recognized by us. This document went out last week (Todays date 2020/11/30) from sources unknown to us. This is not a valid document from Aristocracy Africa PTY LTD and as such we will not be held responsible or liable in any way shape or form for anyone that attempts to transact on this form.

Please take notice that we do not recognize any offer issued by any broker outside of our official email domain

As of the 21st of January The current published procedures supersedes all other procedures in any other SCO


Our goal is to streamline fuel supply with our encrypted IT knowledge base & availability of verified legitimate supplies, storage & buyers. Reducing risk in the value chain, from LOI to final closure. Human capital being our strongest attribute, we strive for ethical, legitimate system solutions, limiting financial risk & maximizing returns on an ongoing basis. Our ethos is based on long term relationships.


Our energy sector happened by pure serendipity – aligning of two different technologies to offer clients across the globe with renewable energy either through Pyrolysis or Close Loop Vertical Hydro Towers (CVLHT) which can be viewed under the Renewable Energy tab. Both these systems are patented & we hold the license for both these products for the African continent.

Both systems are scalable & cost effective, being environmentally friendly. It is the obvious choice to create affordable electricity & decrease the waste footprint on the planet.

Waste plastic & rubber being the scourge of our planet, our patented system can create high grade fuel from both these waste products with negligible release of greenhouse gasses.

Our investment arm is currently under development & will be launched soon with a multidisciplinary approach to various investment platforms.

We are the obvious choice for your company to partner with.

Contact Buddy: +27 83 282 6359